Who Has 4 Paws and Has Gone Yachting with Andy Cohen? Anderson Cooper’s Dog Lilly

Probably. (We have no concrete proof of yachting.)

We would love to be a fly on the wall during an official meeting of AC2—which we assume is what you call not only their official live show but also, any time Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper hang out.

Andy probably tells Anderson all the Housewives gossip that we are not privileged to hear (like did Luann de Lesseps really not canoodle with Scott Disick?!). But what would be even better than being a fly on the wall? Being one of their dogs. We're already pretty familiar with the glamorous life of Wacha, but what about Anderson’s dog Lilly, the BFF of the BFF of Andy Cohen*. (*Cited: the transitive law of BFFs.)

Lilly is Anderson's year-and-a-half-old Welsh Springer Spaniel. The silver fox got Lilly as a puppy last April after his beloved dog Molly, also a Welsh Springer Spaniel, passed away several months before. Anderson used the hashtag #TheRainbowComesAndGoes, both in his Instagram post memorializing Molly and also in his post introducing Lilly, which is not only a reference to the Rainbow Bridge but also the name of his book, written about life, love, and loss.

Anderson's love of dogs also branches out to his work. In a 60 Minutespieceabout Dognition—a website about dogs’ cognitive abilities—Anderson investigated one of his personal questions: Does your dog really love you, or are they merely scamming you to get some table scraps. According to Anderson,  "The most interesting thing that Brian Hare (the director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center) said to me, that has stuck with me, is that when dogs are looking at you, they're 'hugging you with their eyes.'" When dogs look at you, oxytocin is released in dogs’ brains, so when they stare you down while you eat dinner, they are giving you some eye hugs while relentlessly begging—so it’s not entirely a doggie scam.

We’re sure that information will also stick with us too, and our poor dog has a lot of intense eye contact in his future. While we prep for a virtual hug staring contest, please look at these pictures of Anderson and Lilly, Molly and, of course, Wacha.

Lilly likes to whisper things to me. Photo by Benjamin

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Lilly likes lounging.

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all during the Superbowl @therealwacha was whispering secrets in my ear. photo by his human @bravoandy

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saw this online. i miss my puppy.

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@therealwacha had a secret message for me

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Lilly looking guilty.

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Nothing better than a puppy. #Lilly #TheRainbowComesAndGoes

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An old picture of my sweet dog Molly, who passed away today.

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