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on Jun 28, 2006

SUPERMAN. I can't decide whether I care about seeing the new "Superman." The reviews have mainly been blowaway, but I just read yesterday's in the New York Times and I am confused. It was Manohla Dargis basically trashing it in a kind of indirect "I'm gonna make a point in a roundabout way and also kind of just summarize the movie and tell you almost nothing about it" NYT kind of way.

Nothing about the performances unless you compare them with what she was saying about Christopher Reeve's performance years ago. I THINK she thought that the new guy stunk. I dunno. I just don't. Sometimes I read Times reviews and wind up trying to review the review. Often it's a toss-up between them hating what they're reviewing or using the movie/show to make a random point. By the way, I am still obsessed with Meryl Streep's performance in The Devil Wears Prada. She is so flipping good I can't handle it. And beautiful and perfect and flawless. I wonder how the Times will review it on Friday. Or if they will directly review it. They might just kind of use it to say something about "Sex and the City." Or about "Working Girl." You never know what their "take" is going to be, which is why I always read it. And Bush is mad at the Times, which will make me buy two copies now.