13 Animals Who Are Definitely Not the Easter Bunny, So Don’t Fall for It

We can CLEARLY SEE that those ears are just a headband, dog.

You know that Cadbury egg commercial that’s been around since 1994? The one where a whole bunch of animals—a lion, a llama, a pig, etc.—are wearing bunny ears to the Cadbury bunny tryouts with the pipe dream that they might land the gig?

Well it doesn’t end at Cadbury. There are tons of animals traipsing all over the internet pretending to be bunnies with the hope of getting a little extra love this Easter season. But listen up: They are not the Easter Bunny. We know it’s confusing—they’ve got the ears and the baskets and the pastels—but NO. They are just REGULAR ANIMALS in MASQUARADE. So don’t fall for it. 

All ready for Easter 🐣 #muttsofinstagram #milothemutt #cutestbunnyever #miloandkaiser #milokaiserandlayla

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Guys we found a bunny in da house! Should we keep it?

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This makes me soooo happy (it does not make him happy) #hazbaby #eastercat #catsofinstagram

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God påske til alle våre firbente venner🐣💛☀️ håper det blir en fin en!

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🎉🐰💕 Here's our first entry for #TheEasterPawty 💕🐰🎉 This little bunny was so sleepy.

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Quem disse que eu não tenho um coelho da páscoa? 😂😻🐰 #Luna #eastercat #loucaporgatos

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