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Audrina Patridge Isn't Inviting Anyone From The Hills To Her Wedding, But Why?

The former reality star has a good reason for leaving them off the list.

Audrina Patridge is planning her wedding to BMX-pro fiancé Corey Bohan—but none of her former Hills costars will be there. Sorry, L.C.

The reality star turned blogger tells the July issue of Fit Pregnancy and Baby that wedding planning while pregnant has been difficult, so they decided to keep the ceremony small because she didn’t want to become overwhelmed. So small, her castmates weren’t invited. The cast is set to reunite for a movie version of the show, which first aired in 2006.

“It’s a little overwhelming,” says Audrina, 31. “After I have the baby, I have no idea what size my breasts will be or if my hips will go down or get bigger. So for now dress shopping, at least, is on hold.”

She also says that she was looking out for her health, and the health of her baby, and that unnecessary stress would have been bad. 

“I didn’t want to rush getting married because stress is bad for the baby,” Audrina says. “Corey said, ‘Stop caring what people think. Their opinions don’t matter,’ Anyway, we’ve already been together for so long, it’s like we’re already married. It’s just a title at this point—and a ring.”

Adrian talked all things baby too, saying she’s feeling strong and healthy. 

“There were three or four days during my first trimester when I could not get out of bed and all I wanted to do was sleep,” she says. “But overall, I’m feeling good. Watching my body transform has been amazing. I feel like a woman now.”

Final details for the big day are on hold until her daughter’s mermaid-themed nursery is finished, and right now she’s thinking about her due date at the end of June.

“I’m definitely delivering in a hospital,” she says. “I’ve had friends who’ve gone without drugs and they’ve said it’s super painful but they’d never do it any other way. Meanwhile, my sister Casey, who has two kids, had an epidural both times and she made childbirth look easy. I’m not sure which route I want to take yet. Either way, I’m a little scared. All I know is, the moment I feel my first contraction, I’m going to the doctor. I want to be in the hospital bed, relaxing, with my lavender-oil diffuser set up.”

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