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I Almost Couldn't Write This Because I Couldn’t Stop Crying About How Cute It Is

I gently sobbed into my keyboard and my tears actually wrote this.

When I was asked if I wanted to write about a tiny baby beagle learning to howl, I almost said no. Beagles are my weakness, my soul, my center of being—I knew if this video was even half as cute as it sounded, I was going cry. Not just a delicate tear running down my cheek, no—a full-on Claire Danes sort of cry, the type that levels you for a whole afternoon, and frankly I have things to do today.

But from that mere suggestion, I started thinking about my childhood beagle Lucky when he was a pup: his tiny, squeaking practice howls, inquisitive head tilts, and comically long ears. The crying train already started to leave the station. Regardless of my decision to watch this video or not, at some point today I already knew I’d be crying about how dogs are too pure for this world, so I might as well watch this video and see a cute dog.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to watch this tiny fur angel find his voice and then retire to a dark room with some Kleenex where I can basically turn into that guy from the Leave Britney Alone video.

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