Ben Affleck Is Hoping His Thickest Boston Accent Will Turn You On (to Voting)

You're not "too good for this f***in' election," OK?

Do you find Ben Affleck sexy? Do you find a thick Boston accent sexy? Well, the Massachusetts-native star is hoping the one-two punch of those things will be enough to rev up Americans to vote this November 8.

In a new video for Funny or Die, Ben pours on the thickest accent he can muster to encourage voters. “Register to vote, New Hampshire,” he says “All of New England is counting on you.”

He uses a bit of a leap to make the connection between his home state and swing state New Hampshire.

“I’m from Boston, and Boston is in New England, which means that New Hampshire is just like my kid brother, you know what I mean? I love New Hampshire," he says in his uber-thick accent.

He then goes on to sing New Hampshire's praises, saying people are so nice in the state, they don't even yell at you out the windows of their "cahs" when driving.

"Have you ever been to New Hampshire? It's f***ing beautiful, guy. You can hike Mt. Monadnock, you can go for a drive with your buddies and just get romantic and watch the fall leaves change color... and you can register to vote in your presidential election."

It's all very compelling — if you're into hot Hollywood stars using decidedly un-Hollywood accents.

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