Beyoncé's Euro Trip: $19,000 Penthouse, $700,000 Yacht — and Mommy-and-Me Gucci

Yaass, queen.

It’s Beyoncé, so of course her vacation slayed.

Yes, Bey, Jay Z, and little Blue Ivy took Europe by storm this summer and documented the whole thing — of course, in seamlessly curated fashion. Jay Z even got called out for being an "Instagram husband" — usually used to describe a blogger's well-trained partner who patiently snaps away while she poses — by various media outlets when Bey shared a photo with Jay clearly in the background!

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Beyoncé's on her "Formation" tour now, and took some time off from work to play, as one does. Up first? Paris.

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Looks like they worked out all their Lemonade drama. Or if not, at least a bottle of bubbly with Eiffel tower views is bound to make any couple feel the love in the moment!

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Beyoncé posted this funny video of her and her “best friend” in a whimsical photo collage showing mommy and daughter Blue Ivy wearing matching Gucci dresses. They didn’t have to leave their hotel for these epic shots either: They stayed in the penthouse at the Shangri-La, which goes for $19,000 a night. This splurge for Beyoncé might be the equivalent of someone else springing for the extra guacamole — a minor decision — but we digress.

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They stopped through Nice and Beyoncé posted a tribute to the recent tragedy on her Instagram. They enjoyed the beach there and went to dinner at La Petite Maison, a famous local restaurant. 

The family then popped down to Monaco and Cannes in the South of France, and rented a luxurious yacht to explore the French Riviera by sea. They went all the way down the coast to Italy, spending two weeks on this yacht with a crew of 14 — at a rumored price tag of $700,000

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Bey had to play a show in the middle of her vacay in Milan, but was back on vacation right after in Lake Como. The famous couple rented a bright red convertible... because they are still Bonnie and Clyde after all.

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They also hung out in Stockholm, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Barcelona — to name a few cities. This epic vacation did combine work and play — but we'd say it's not a bad way to spend two weeks between shows, not to mention a boatload of cash.

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