Canada's Immigration Website Literally Crashed on Election Night

Are Americans ready to make a run for the northern border?

Americans apparently weren't kidding when they mused about moving to Canada if the election didn't go their way. Or at least, following shocking election results on Tuesday night, a lot of people appeared to be seriously considering it.

The immigration website for the Canadian government crashed on Tuesday night as results rolled in that defied pollsters. The site went down about 10:30 p.m. East Coast time after CNN called a variety of key states. And after that, the site was up and down.

For months now, Canada has been in on Americans' playful (or perhaps totally serious?) threats to move north: In February, the island of Cape Breton marketed itself as a peaceful place for Americans to escape political outcomes.

To be clear, it's not fully confirmed that Americans ready to move abroad are the ones who crashed the site. But we do know that whole chunk of U.S. citizens might be inclined to explore options after election night deviated from widely held expectations. (And as further incentive, Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau is smokin' hot.) So it's a solid guess.

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