Cat Adopts Baby Hedgehog Orphans and Treats Them As If They're Her Kittens

We’re not crying, YOU’RE CRYING.

A mother hedgehog’s life was cut short when she was mowed down mere days after she had given birth to eight beautiful baby hedgies. In an effort to save their lives, the Sadgorod Zoo in Russia took them in and attempted to feed them milk with syringes, bottles, and saucers.

Unfortunately, the babies refused—until a cat named Muska stepped up to the plate. The black and white mama cat had been actively nursing her kittens during the day, but the zoo was shocked to see she had started feeding the hedgehogs at night. Muska’s milk was enough to ensure all eight babies survived, and they can now successfully feed on their own.

Even so, Muska continues to treat the hedgies as her own kittens. According to the zoo staff, she is “kind and tender” with the babies and continues to cuddle with them through the night—even when they accidentally prick her.

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