Remember That BBC Interview Interrupted by Children? Well, Here’s the Cat Version

Cats > babies, tbh. 


About a month ago, a dad found himself a meme in the making when his children sauntered into the room while he was delivering a live interview with BBC. It was cute’n’all, and we had a laugh, and then we carried on with our regularly scheduled viral cat video viewing.

But NOW, our worlds have collided because the exact same scenario has occurred with a cat. Apparently, the city of Riga (in Latvia) has feline ambassadors who regularly hang out at the administrative office, and one of them decided to saunter into a live interview with the city’s mayor, Nils Usakovs. While the fluffy black kitty is obviously the star of the show, we also tip our hats to the mayor, who gave truly amazing pokerface while his segment was being usurped.

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