These Are the Best Days to Fly in 2017

New year, whole new world to explore.

As we get ready to close the book on a year many people called the worst ever, there's good news ahead. Travel deals are plentiful for the coming year — and while many variables and algorithms are at play in airfare pricing, here are a few guidelines on how to find the cheapest days to fly in 2017.

Airfare comparison shopping site FareCompare cites the cheapest winter dates to travel within the U.S. as January 7 to March 5, with blackout dates from February 11 through 24; the cheapest spring dates as before April 1; the cheapest pre-summer dates by June 2; and the cheapest summer dates by June 19.

"The winter deal zone from January to March almost always has the cheapest prices of the year as fares drop sharply after the busy holiday travel season. As for the higher-priced blackout period in February, blame it on demand for travel around Valentine’s Day, February 14, and the U.S. holiday, President’s Day, February 20. Otherwise, winter prices are low," the site finds.

For travel to Europe, fall and winter months are generally the cheapest times to fly — usually November to late March. FareCompare also notes something exciting: Europe fares look historically low even for some summer dates in the coming year.

And affordable airfare points to one very positive thing: the chance to shake off the old, and make new, wonderful, jet-setting memories in 2017.

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