Chihuahua Is Arrested for Jaywalking, Disorderly Behavior, and 2 Counts of Assault

Smooth-coated criminal!

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) encountered a truly reckless criminal wandering the streets of Lurgan at 3:30am on Wednesday night, traipsing all over town and breaking all kinds of rules. The so-called “Angry Wee Man” had zero respect for law enforcement, and as such, the police had no choice but to take him into custody.

Problem is, no bars could contain him, as he is a Chihuahua.

After naming him Nigel (because one of the policemen thought that “he looks like a Nigel,”), the police charged him with counts of jaywalking, disorderly behavior, and aggravated assault (a.k.a. biting fingers).

“Normally I’d make a joke about keeping him as a new PD if no one claims him. Not Nigel. He’s an angry wee man and is seriously anti police!” the PSNI Craigavon posted on their Facebook page. “Please…find his owner. I like my fingers and don’t fancy their chances if he’s here another night. He’s currently sleeping on my jacket, which I have a feeling he’s not going to let me have back.”

The good news? The social media promotion was enough to get Nigel safely returned home. Turns out his real name is Simba—and, of course, the jokester policeman had something to say about that:

“Simba. Hmmm. He certainly wasn’t feeling the love tonight.

“Thanks for the shares to spread the word and get him home. Facebook wins again.”

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