Because There’s Always Room for Chips and Dip...11 Trays for Your Next Party

Stop cobbling together cereals bowls and dinner plates, and go with these perfect trays instead.

Whether you’re hosting a few friends to pre-game before a night out on the town, all the second-grade parents for a PTA meeting, or the entire neighborhood for a bomb-ass New Year’s Eve party, one common thread for all of these get-togethers is the surefire chip-and-dip appetizer. Ideal for grazing, no one can walk by without dunking a chip (or a cracker, or a carrot) and popping it in their mouth.

That's why a chip-and-dip tray is an investment that pays for itself almost immediately, as you’re going to be using it until the end of your days. Here we’ve rounded up 11 options ranging from traditional to modern and even a little bit hilarious—we dare you to stifle a laugh when pulling a chip out of a football helmet.

Soho Stoneware Chip & Dip

BUY FROM: Pier 1, SALE $14.98 (Regularly $19.95, 25% Off!)

Star Home Weathered Wood Chip and Dip Tray

BUY FROM: Wayfair, SALE $119.99 (Regularly $170, 29% Off!)

Creative Bath Wine and Dine Double Chip and Dip Tray

BUY FROM: Wayfair, SALE $34.90 (Regularly $103, 66% Off!)

Chip and Dip Serving Bowl Duo

BUY FROM: Uncommon Goods, $59.95

Dansk The Burbs Wood Chip & Dip Tray

BUY FROM: All Modern, SALE $61 (Regularly $100, 39% Off!)

Wincraft NCAA Snack Helmet Chip and Dip Tray

BUY FROM: Wayfair, $58.99

Nambe Harmony Chip and Dip Bowl

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $99

Chefs Star Chip & Dip Plate

BUY FROM: Amazon, SALE $15.99 (Regularly $24.99, 36% Off!)

Mariposa Pearled Wavy Chip & Dip

BUY FROM: Amazon, $134.99

Legacy Symphony Appetizer Serving Set

BUY FROM: Target, $53.95

Towle Silversmiths Hammersmith Gooseneck Chip and Dip Tray

BUY FROM: All Modern, SALE $39.13 (Regularly $120, 67% Off!)

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