New episodes available exclusively online Thursday nights at 11/10c immediately following Top Chef. Watch eliminated chefs compete for a spot in the Top Chef finale.


LCK Ep 2: Fresh Veggie Challenge

S13/Ep2: To stay in the competition, eliminated chefs must make a standout dish using one vegetable in its entirety and prepare it three different ways.

LCK Ep 3: Surprise Ingredients!

S13/Ep3: Eliminated chefs must make a dish using unique and exotic ingredients, but there's a catch...their ingredients are a surprise!

LCK Ep 4: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

S13/Ep4: Two eliminated chefs have 20 seconds to look at the available ingredients in the kitchen and come up with two different dish ideas that Tom Colicchio will then narrow down.

LCK Ep 5: A Delicious Burger

S13/Ep5: Three eliminated chefs have just 15 minutes to cook up a scrumptious hamburger. Who will send two chefs packing and move onto the next round?

LCK Ep 7: Beef!

S13/Ep7: Two eliminated chefs have 25 minutes to cook up a mouthwatering beef dish. The twist? They only have five minutes to butcher their meat.

LCK Ep 9: Teppanyaki Time!

S13/Ep9: Two eliminated chefs have 10 minutes to prep their food and 10 minutes to put on an entertaining show at the Teppanyaki table.