Conan O’Brien Has Eaten Worm Pupa Abroad — But Says Los Angeles Has the Craziest Eaters

Weird is in the stomach of the beholder.

Conan O'Brien has been jet setting around the globe for various (hilarious) road specials from far-flung destinations; past locations have included Armenia, Cuba, and South Korea. His latest version is on the way this week: Conan in Berlin, premiering December 7 on TBS. 

With the new special coming right up, Conan told Jet Set about the craziest thing he's ever eaten as part of his experiences on the road. "In South Korea, there’s a snack they have, which is a can of silkworm pupa. You open a can the way you would here [open a can of] Spaghetti O’s. It's in like a broth," he said. "I’ve had South Koreans tell me, 'Oh my god, that’s awful.' But I’ve also had a lot of very cool Americanized South Korean dudes tell me, 'Oh, I love that.' That was the top of the list out of every place we went so far."

He also told a story about too much of a good thing in Armenia: "[In] Armenia, everything was good but it was a lot of presentations of flattened-out dried fruits. They kept handing it to me; I kept accepting it. I went to one place and we were there for a long time and the guy said, 'I want to thank you,' and he took me upstairs and it was an entire floor of one giant flattened fruit. He was like, 'Take as much as you want.' I didn’t have the heart to tell him, 'I have nine of these in my wallet. It’s good but I can’t have more of this.'"

Despite those memorable moments abroad, it was perhaps Conan's story about life right here where he lives and works in Los Angeles that takes the weird-eating cake for all of its arbitrary rules. "I had somebody tell me going lactose and gluten free would be good for me — for no reason at all. I’m fairly trim and I have no digestive problems," he recalled. "And, like an idiot, I’m like, 'Count me in!' So about a year ago, I cut out gluten and milk. Then the other day I was reading this article that said milk is so much better for you than almond milk. As you get older, all you realize is that nobody knows anything."

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