Could You Describe the Smell of Your Hometown?

Love it or hate it, you can now bring that smell into your house — wherever you are.

You know how, once in a while, you smell something — a certain flower, something on the stove, or maybe just the air on a given night — and it reminds you of home? Well, for a mere $30, you can now have that smell of home… at home.

new line of candles appropriately dubbed Homesick, offers different state-themed versions that each give off a different blend of scents when burning. There's sweet tea and peaches for Georgia; cherries, coffee and rain for Washington state; and cactus, orange, and the ocean for Southern California. 

Homesick's co-founder Nate Schmiedehaus says the company likes to use blends of popular local flora scents, food items, or natural aromas (something like lake water, for example) and gets recommendations from friends, family, and customers about which scents remind them of their home states. Homesick then creates several different blends, has testers compare them, and then chooses the one most reminiscent of said state to bring to market. 

If your state isn't yet on the list yet (there are currently eight, including two different California regions, being offered), not to worry: Next month, Homesick will be releasing candles for Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, Arizona, Indiana, Maryland, Alabama, and New Jersey (please keep your jokes to yourself) with more states to follow in July. And the company is toying with the idea of creating candles for certain cities, regions, and countries.

As for the most popular candle to date, that would be Texas, which has a mix of sage, leather, cotton, and tobacco. "Texas is hands-down the best seller," according to Schmiedehaus. "The candle smells amazing and people hold on to Texas like no other place." 

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