Treat Yourself to a Good Cry: Deaf Dog and Deaf Girl Find Soulmates in Each Other

Just in case you felt like weeping at your desk today!

About a year ago, a young girl named Julia—who was born deaf—went with her mom Chrissy to the Pasadena Humane Society to find a four-legged friend to add to their family. They quickly stumbled upon an absolutely adorable mixed-breed puppy named Walter—who also happened to be deaf.

“When I first held Julia, since she couldn’t really hear my voice she would smell my neck,” Chrissy says in a video from the SPCA. “When I first held Walter, he did almost the same exact thing. I remember just looking at him and I knew he was meant to be ours.”

In the year since Walter’s adoption, he and Julia have bonded in ways Chrissy hadn’t imagined. “They’re the same. He waits for her to finish her homework and then they’re off to go play in the yard. She has learned a whole other kind of love.” In fact, Walter has successfully learned sign language from Julia, including the words for sit, water, and food.

Their inseparable bond is evident in the beautiful video below. “I love Walter,” Julia says proudly. “He is my best friend.” Can someone please pass us a tissue?

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