Dog and Owner Look Exactly the Same, So They Dress Exactly the Same

Because why not?

Topher Brophy and his Aussiedoodle Rosenberg are more than just owner and dog—they’re true doppelgangers. With matching hazel eyes, unkempt salt and pepper hair, and unruly beards, the duo take that whole “owners start to resemble their dogs” thing to the next level.

But instead of balking at the old idiom, Brophy has wholeheartedly embraced it. The self-proclaimed “dog dad and artist” dresses himself and Rosenberg in fully matching outfits and costumes, then takes beautiful portraits (shot by @thedogstyler) that he posts to his Instagram, @topherbrophy. The resemblance—even their facial expressions—is both adorable and uncanny.


“We look so much alike physically, and do everything together, so dressing the same just feels natural for us,” Brophy told The Dodo.

And though their twinning may seem like a novelty, Brophy says that the attention is great for both Rosenberg and his admirers. "We spend a lot of time interacting with toddlers, many of whom are petting a dog for the first time," said Brophy. "He's great with them. Bringing people joy is a public service for us."

Some additional highlights from his Instagram:

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