Dog Saves Couple’s Wedding Day When the Best Man Forgets Their Rings

Further proof that dogs are better than humans.

Being a "best man" should not be a difficult task. Literally all you have to do is show up in a tux at the pre-determined time and not forget the wedding rings. That is your only job! And yet, there are some best men out there who still find themselves stumbling to the alter, ring boxes left on their bedside tables.

Such is the case with this couple's best man, Craig. When it seems that he has forgotten the bride and groom's rings, he rushes out the door in a fit. But then, a video appears, showcasing the couple's French bulldog, George, fielding a phone call from Craig. Can the sweet li'l Frenchie save the day? Probably. Because he's not only man's best friend, but Best Man's best friend.

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