Meet the Shih Tzu Who Rolls Around NYC in a Remote-Controlled BMW

His name’s Luigi Maestro and he’s got the life.

It all started with a simple, curious tweet back in May:

That led to a series of responses, including this one:

And thanks to the investigative crowdsourcing powers of the internet, the dog’s identity was revealed to be Luigi Maestro: Shih Tzu car collector. 

His mom, Anisha Lakhani, is an author, freelance journalist, web designer—and proud dog BMW remote controller. “I gave it to him for his fifth birthday,” Lakhani told the New York Post. “My little Luigi has always been an Upper East Side high-roller, and nothing could be more fitting for him than a Beemer.”

Since the initial findings, Luigi has traded in his BMW for a Benz…

In A Sweetheart Deal, Luigi Trades His BMW For A Bentley #shihtzu #ilovenyc #bentley #dogsofinstagram #dogsdrivingcars #vroomvroom

A photo posted by 🏁Shihtzu Luigi Maestro🏁 (@luiginyc) on

…and has even added a Ferrari to his roster of rides.

But when he goes to Central Park, he takes the Bentley because he doesn’t want to appear too ostentatious, obvs.

Strut your stuff, Luigi! We can’t wait to read your Pawtobiography!

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