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Dog Travels 400 Miles to Reunite with His Dog Mom… Aaaaaaand, We’re Crying

Dammit, Waylon!

Okay, okay, we know Mother’s Day is on Sunday, but this video just came across our radar and we had to share—besides, an old English sheepdog having an emotional reunion with his dog mom needs no holiday!

Paige Moomey, an editor at DOSE, shared the story of how she adopted her sheepdog three years ago. “I drove 400 miles to Kentucky to adopt a sheepdog with white fluffy hair that flopped over his eyes,” she wrote on DOSE. “’Hi Waylon,’ I whispered. ‘I’m your mom.’”

After deeply connecting with the idea of motherhood, Paige decided that for Mother’s Day, she wanted to celebrate Waylon’s real mom—y’know, the dog one. So she decided to take her adorable doggo on a road trip back down to Louisville, Kentucky for a mother-son reunion.

The resulting video is a touching tribute to mothers of all kinds. Whether you’re a human mom to a dog or a dog mom to a dog or even a human mom to a human, Paige and Waylon’s adventure shows that the bond of motherhood is real and true and knows no bounds.

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