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VIDEO: Wise Dog Teaches New Puppy Brother How to Sit with the Gentle Push of a Paw

You have much to learn, grasshopper.

Older siblings are a magical thing: You look up to them, you spend all your time with them, you want to be just like them, even if that means playing Super Mario Bros while listening to Soul Asylum. But most importantly, you learn from them—whether its important life lessons or how to bounce off a Koopa’s head. (We might have played too much Nintendo in our youth?)

This four-month-old pupper, Jet, has just come home with his new furever family. But being rather green, he has not mastered some of the basic dog skills yet, such as “Sit.” Luckily for Jet, his older brother Rufus has got a hell of a handle on the whole “commands” thing and he is there to lend a literal paw and teach Jet what’s what in the world of treat-gettin’ tricks.

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