Dog Totally Wants Your Yogurt But Doesn’t Want You To Know That He Wants Your Yogurt

Like it looks good but I don’t need a taste or anything…


Have you ever been at dinner with a friend, and they ordered something decadent—like, say, a fried chicken sandwich—and you were “good” and got a kale salad? And then you’re sitting there, watching them revel in that delicious buttermilk fry on a buttery bun while you shove twigs down your gullet?

You glance over, like, Hmmm…I bet that’s pretty good… but you don’t want them to know that you’re jealous so you quickly look askance. Then—when they’re not looking—your eyes dart back, like, Hmmm…I wonder if I could sneak a bite… but then noooooope! Again, you look away as soon as they see you eyeing their meal. And so the dance continues until that sandwich has been fully eaten.

Yeah. So this is that, but with a dog and some yogurt.

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