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Stray Dog Gives No F***s, Just Wanders Right Into an Orchestral Performance

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If you’ve ever been invited to the orchestra, your reaction probably went something like this: “Ahh, the orchestra! That sounds so lovely and sophisticated! I would love to take in some live classical music. Thank you for the kind invitation! I accept because I am so cultured!”

But then you actually get to the orchestra, and your mind starts racing thusly: “WTF, this is so boring, people aren’t even moving it is just like sixty people sitting in chairs for two hours I WISH I WERE AT HOME HANGING WITH MY DOG!”

Well, if you’d been at the outdoor performance of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra in Turkey, you’d have been in terrific luck. Because a stray dog with a no-Fs attitude just strolled onto the stage and plopped down in the middle of Felix Mendelssohn’s Fourth Symphony.

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