10 Puppers and Kittos Snuggling With Their Favorite Stuffed Animals = #SelfCare

Because it’s time to take care of you.

So we have finally come out of our quarterly Mercury in retrograde and things are looking up: We can now do things like sign contracts and use computers without fear of astrological retribution! But that doesn’t mean that this past month wasn’t a doozy, and we think we can all agree that we need a little #selfcare.

So why not take a cue from the following puppers and kittos: Simply relax, curl up in bed, and snuggle with your very favorite stuffed animal. Or if, say, you’re a 30-year-old who does not have a stuffed animal, just allow the following photos to function as your therapy for the day.

Good night 🌟 #poodle #toypoodle #dogsfavoritetoy #goodnight #dogsfavoritethings

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Sweet dreams 💕 . #rainbowunicorn #dogsfavoritetoy #puppylove

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