Here are a Bunch of Dogs Who Don’t “Get” Pie Face But, Like, Totally “Get” Pie Face

This game is ALL THE RAGE with dogs.

Are you familiar with the new-classic Hasbro game Pie Face? If not, let us explain the premise real fast: You put some whipped cream on a mechanical hand, then turn a handle and patiently wait to get splat in the face with some whipped cream. That’s it! (Additional research reveals that you score a point every time you do NOT get pie-faced, and whoever scores 25 points first, wins—meaning this is a very, very long game that may have some kind of vertical integration with Reddi-Wip.)

Aaanyway, kids love Pie Face. But y’know who loves Pie Face more than kids? Dogs. Because dogs have no fear of getting splatted—nor do they have any concept of “points,” “winning,” or “losing.” All dogs know is that they are getting some sweet, sweet whipped cream, without getting in trouble, without hearing “NO!”

Here are some of our favorite Pie Face-playing dogs:

This dog, who loves to lose:

This pug, who is playing solo.

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This dog, who’s not even playing to begin with:

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