Would You Pay $1300 for a Fancy Kebab? This Chef Thinks So

Do you want to pay rent or do you want eat a deliciously juicy skewer?

Kebabs are often treated like cheap street-food snacks that soak up your late-night bender, or your hangover. But that's all about to change thanks to one Turkish restaurant that's trying to elevate the art of the humble skewer. At Hazev in London's Canary Wharf financial district, chef Onder Sahan has caught the attention of area bankers with his new Royal Kebab. At 925 British pounds (approximately $1310), it costs about 100 times more than the average takeout kebab.

The reason for such a dear price tag? Japanese Wagyu beef, morel mushrooms, 25-year-old Italian vinegar, fancy olive oil — and, we're guessing, plenty of executive expense accounts within close proximity. The chef, who won first place in the recent British Kebab Awards, has a competitive spirit when it comes to his outrageous creation. Sahan told the Daily Mail that he wants others to help him elevate the image of the underappreciated kebab, and he challenges anyone to try to make a better version. He says he's willing to put up "more than ‎1000 pounds" (about $1415) for anyone who can top him. Better start sharpening those knives...

Watch Sahan make the kebab here, courtesy of Ruptly TV:

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