Feeling Blue Today? Here Are A Few Light Ways To Deal With Your Post-Election Pain

If your choice for president didn't win, cry it out then binge watch a show. 

Whether you’re jumping for joy over the result of one of the most shocking elections in the history of America, or you’re researching countries, or even planets, you can run away to, we all have to find a way to pull ourselves together and move forward. Though it might seem easy for some and impossible for others, there are a handful of things we can do to keep our blood pressure steady and get our lives back on track.

Wondering what you can do next? Here are four ways to deal with your emotions today. 

1.  Move to a far away place

Always fancied moving somewhere abroad? After last night’s election results, you may have gotten the kick in the butt you needed to pack up your life and go. You could join celebs like Lena Dunham, Keegan-Michael Key and Barbara Streisand, who said if Donald Trump won they'll head to Canada.

2.  Binge watch your favorite TV show

Since watching the news might trigger random anxiety attacks, now’s the time to catch up on all the TV shows you have been putting on the back burner. Binge watching may not change the results of this crazy election, but they will temporarily lower your blood pressure.

3.  Avoid social media for a week

Whether you’re popping champagne you’re in mourning, avoiding social media may help keep your stress levels low. Expect that for the next few weeks, social media will be consumed with election talk until we all go back to sharing photos of our own personal victories – whether that’s a newborn, a diamond engagement ring, or even just a giant meal we’re about to devour.

4.  Celebrate the small victories

If your candidate of choice didn’t win but you’re still looking for a victory to rejoice in, you may be proud to celebrate that the first ever bisexual governor was elected (Oregon) or the first ever Latina woman elected to the U.S. Senate (Nevada) or that the number of women of color in the U.S. Senate has quadrupled.

5.  Continue to fight for your rights

A new president is just a new opportunity to keep on fighting, advocating and volunteering for organizations and in support of causes that mean the world to you. 

6.  Hug a complete stranger

It might seem like an odd thing to do, but the nation is divided and it’s the perfect time to do an act of kindness for someone you’ve never met before. Restoring faith in humanity is something we can all do easily, and for free. 

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