People Actually Boarded Flight 666 Bound for HEL on Friday the 13th — And Lived to Tell


If you have a fear of flying, and a tendency toward superstitiousness, get ready to confront your worst nightmare. On Friday the 13th, a plane full of people actually boarded flight 666 bound for HEL.

That's Helsinki airport, for the uninitiated, and it was a regularly scheduled Finnair flight from Copenhagen, Denmark. But naturally, the date of the flight gave it extra spookiness for anyone who registers that type of thing as ominous. It's just a one hour and 37 minute jaunt — but that's a long time to clutch an armrest with white knuckles.

And let's cover some more chilling details, shall we? The flight departed at 13 o'clock (or about 1 p.m. for us Americans), and the plane, an Airbus A320, is also 13 years old.

Alas, the flight did not pull into gate 13 — but gate 15 instead, which is right next door.

Tweets engaging with FlightRadar24's report of the flight were pretty rich... with gallows humor.

While air travel is actually quite safe in general, one commenter noted Finnair's historically impressive record.

Guys, we can all relax. The plane not only landed safely — but also early. (Whew.)

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