For U.S. Olympians Sharing Bathrooms in Rio, Things Are Getting "Weird"

It's pretty gross, TBH.

perry baker

While the U.S. Olympic Team is raking in the medals in Rio, the Olympians themselves are feeling a little less triumphant about their shared bathrooms. It's no surprise that the loo situation is getting weird — fast — over at Rio's Olympic Village, because various officials have complained of everything from broken pipes to faulty electricity. That's hardly the type of lodging gold medalists might expect

"The bathroom situation is a little weird, but overall it's pretty cool being in the village with all these great athletes," Perry Baker told Jet Set... in the diplomatic style of a true sportsman. He's a member of the U.S. Men's Rugby Team and Team Budweiser, competing with his teammates for the first ever Olympic Rugby events since 1924. And he certainly isn't kidding about just how awkward the bathroom situation is getting by American standards of lodging. 

Fellow Olympian Jordan Burroughs, a gold medal producing freestyle wrestler, had enough good sense and humor to update his Twitter followers on the state of the shared bathrooms in Rio. It seems that even when the toilets are working, toilet paper isn't welcome — nor are a lot of other mysterious and freaky behaviors relating to the commode. 

So Rio, what are the world's best supposed to do when they need to go number two, or frankly, after the seal is broken from all the celebratory Budweiser the Americans are stocked with?

It's a problem the U.S.A. basketball team has solved in style.

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