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VOLUME UP: This French Bulldog Puppy Sounds Exactly Like a Racecar

This one goes out to the NASCAR fans. And the Frenchie fans.

CONFESSION: Unlike 75 million other Americans, we do not watch NASCAR. Despite the fact that Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval made it seem like sort of a sexy sport on the birthday episode of Vanderpump Rules, we just can’t wholly rally behind people driving their cars real fast until they might die. It’s not cute.

But y’know what is cute? French bulldogs. And it just so happens that this French bulldog (named Chibs!) is outstanding at impersonating racecars. For one solid minute, he makes sounds that mimic the vrooms and zooms of those endless driving laps, effectively making us official NASCAR fans (as long as we only have to listen to this Frenchie.)

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