Pit Bull is Stuck in a Snow Bank Until Her German Shepherd BFF Comes to the Rescue

Ahhhh! Dogs helping dogs is just TOO MUCH.

Remember that time a brave dog allegedly “rescued” his friend from drowning in a river, but probably it was all just a coincidence because he was trying to steal his stick? Well Kanawha the German Shepherd is most definitely a hero dog—no bones about it.

A sweet, silly Pibble named Knuckles found herself stranded in a rather tall snow bank with no clear way out. So when Kanawha saw his best friend in distress, he did what any wise ol’ German shepherd would do: he plowed through the snow to create a pathway for Knuckles to escape. And once they were safely out? He adorably admonished her, just like any concerned friend would.

Don't worry, Knuckles: Spring has finally sprung!

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