Get to California Right Now to See This Eye-Popping Wildflower Explosion

Feast your eyes.

When you hear the words "Death Valley," what comes to mind? The California destination may sooner conjure images of ghastly heat than sublime eye candy — but now is definitely a great time to rethink the travel association.

It turns out the region is going through a phenomenon that is bringing a staggering natural beauty only seen in the area about once every 10 years.

The area usually only gets a couple of inches of rain each year. But thanks to pounding El Niño storms, the region is experiencing what’s being called a “super bloom,” an explosion of wildflowers that is blanketing the terrain in eye-popping color. Think bright purple and yellow flowers as far as the eye can see, making for a travel photographer’s dream destination — or a mighty fine place for an amateur selfie enthusiast, too.

For evidence — and for a zen break in the middle of your work day — check out this YouTube video shot by James Cleveland that shows off the landscape in all of its glory.

California, here we come.

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