These Girls Are So Excited About Their Christmas Puppy, They Literally Fall Over

“Is this real life?!”

People react to Christmas pets in all kinds of ways. Some of them cry with such sincere surprise and gratitude, it makes us weep ourselves. Others, like these girls, shriek at the top of their lungs and literally fall over with excitement.

The quick backstory is that these girls lost their beloved family dog this year and were completely devastated. They’ve been asking for a new dog ever since, even picking out a name before ever getting one (Piper). Their parents decided to give them their Piper as an early Christmas gift, guaranteeing the kind of surprise and joy that makes great YouTube. The youngest even harkens back to David After Dentist: “Is this real life?!” Yes. Yes it is.

PSA: Please do not give pets as holiday gifts. While the intention is always good, raising a pet is a long-term commitment that requires serious time and thought. Gift certificates to local shelters are a great alternative that will let the recipient find the right pet for themselves, on their own terms.

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