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Hey, Mini Goat That Can't Figure Out How to Lay Down in a Hammock: We Feel You

Listen, goat, you've gotta learn to relax, okay?

Forget the fact that it was 40 degrees this past weekend. It's mid-May and we are hereby declaring that summer is nigh. And you know what that means: Picnics on the beach! Parties by the pool! Soaking up the sun in the hammock!

Unless you're this goat, that is. Meet Sampson, a miniature goat who cannot get a handle on this whole hammock situation. Try as he might to lay down and enjoy a gentle sway in the breeze, he always goes back to hysterically hopping (like the goat that he is) and propelling himself off the fabric swing. Will he be able to learn how to go properly recumbant and reap the rewards of the relaxation station? Well, we'll never know, because YouTube videos are finite, but we can certainly "awwwww" at his attempts.

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