Gordon Ramsay Among Celebrity Stars of the Most Hilarious Airplane Safety Video Ever

You'll actually want to pay attention to this one.

Since no one pays attention anymore when flight attendants do their safety demos, some airlines have converted those demos to seatback videos. And the latest version of that approach will definitely get people watching — because it's funny AF.

British Airways joined forces with Comic Relief to create the clip, which stars an impressive slate of celebs in mock auditions for the project. (The auditions, of course, are fake, but the safety procedures they demonstrate are actually real.)

Chiwetel Ejiofor, for instance, has zero experience in making instructional safety videos. So does he really think he's qualified for this gig? Thandie Newton, on the other hand, delivers a powerful performance, nailing her line about taking a moment to locate the nearest exit. Gordon Ramsay — famous for some rather strongly worded opinions about children flying first class — is among the video's other top talent.

The video also encourages donations to needy children org Flying Start. Watch it here, and enjoy!

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