If You Love Pickle Juice Even More Than Pickles, This New Canned Drink is for You

The strangest, most awesome new canned drink has us seriously pickled.

If you sneak sips of the brine left in your jar of pickle juice after you've devoured the contents, we're not judging. In fact, we're too busy rushing out to stock up on the new drink that's made with exactly that: pickle juice. Gordy's Fine Brine comes in a can, and it's the juice left over from the pickle company's spicy Hot Chilis Spears. The drink just came out this spring and is going into wider distribution now, in time for mixing into summer cocktails or drinking straight out of the can, for hard-core brine addicts.

As Gordy's co-founder Saran Gordon tells Tasting Table, "we have always encouraged our customers to repurpose their leftover brine and to start thinking of pickle juice as an ingredient in its own right."

The drink already has chef Jose Andres's attention:

Always a new product showing up: brine liquid for you to do quick pickles....or make a cocktail! Awesome..

A photo posted by Jose Andres (@chefjoseandres) on

We know at least one cocktail we're making with this stuff: The pickle-brine version of a dirty martini. We're starting with Saveur's recipe for a St. Dill, made with vodka, vermouth, mustard seeds and pickle brine. You'll only use about an ounce or so of the brine in the cocktail, but Gordy's sells the cans in a four-pack. So that leaves plenty to drink straight, on the rocks—or however you please.

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