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Best Summer Dessert? Make This Super-Fast and Delicious Fruit Cobbler Right on the Grill

Here's to cobbling and gobbling all summer.

In case you've never tried your hand at a fruit cobbler before, here's the secret about it: It's one of the easiest, most delicious bang-for-the-buck desserts you can make. Just melt butter in a pan; mix a batter of flour, sugar, milk and baking powder (cinnamon too if you like); dump your fruit on top; and brown the whole thing in the oven. Your guests are impressed, you're psyched, and everyone wants seconds and thirds (so plan on that). In the summer, forget the oven and go straight to the grill. Need any convincing? This Tasty version lets you use canned biscuit mix instead of making your own batter. It calls for berries, but you can use any cobbler-friendly fruit you want. If you're like us, this video will have you sprinting for the grill. That's where you'll find us right about now, with a stack of vanilla ice cream pints at the ready. 

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