Gross or Groovy? This New Hookup App Connects Potential Mile-High Club Partners

Get friendly in the skies.

Long flights can feel awfully.... long. Wouldn't it be nice to have something really great to do to pass all that time up in the air? Well, for some very adventurous people, the ideal solution is here at last.

Thanks to a new free app, AirDates, flyers will be able to upload their upcoming itineraries, in hopes for making a flight friend for their journey. 

The app, which is currently in public beta, works via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (so you don’t need to violate the uber-important airplane-mode rule) to geolocate like-minded passengers. You can search via “preferences” (how naughty do you want to get on that redeye?) and then connect your devices to chat further. You can even start the conversation in the lounge or terminal pre-flight in case you want to meet for some pre-air liquid courage.

If joining the mile-high club in the lavatory isn't quite your speed, you can always just use the app to have a friendly chat and pass the time, we suppose. How quaint.

Hey, it's something to do and, when you consider it from one angle, it's no more or less weird than meeting someone in a bar to go home with. Only in this case, you could be going literally anywhere in the world with this cute stranger.

The app promotes itself as a way to make new friends and share activities. So you can decide for yourself whether that feels harmless enough — or exciting enough — for your next long-haul journey.

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