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This Guy Got Caught Cheating on His Girlfriend While Playing Pokémon Go

The game tracks your whereabouts...even if you show up at your ex's house. 

You want to play games, you’re going to get caught

Pokémon enthusiast Evan Scribner, an adult male, was caught cheating on his girlfriend with his ex-girlfriend while playing the game—which has created a frenzy across the country. The goal is to “catch” the little animated creatures placed in real life locations. The game is a throwback to the Nintendo Game Boy console of the ’90’s, which it was created for. 

Evan told the New York Post that his big mistake was playing the game after hanging out with an ex-girlfriend in Bushwick, which led to his location being mapped and recorded onto his phone when each Pokémon is caught. While his girlfriend tracked his game, she also caught him in a trap.

“She saw that I had caught a Pokémon while at my ex’s house,” Evan said. “She found out last night at my house and hasn’t contacted me since then.”

The first red flag should have been that he was playing Pokémon, but moving on. 

Evan, who resides in Sunnyside, Queens, obviously didn’t have good reason to be in his ex’s Brooklyn neighborhood, so he was busted.

But even though Evan messed up, some players are getting lucky through the game. 

“Pokemon Go is great for my mental health. I also got laid,” @TruthHurtsCrown tweeted Monday.

NatalieXXBee tweeted: “Today in sociological Pokemon news: People are using it to hook up; a woman caught her man cheating with it; robbers use it to lure victims.”

And Stephen Colbert weighed in with a joke, saying, "I love catching Pokémon on this new app! Much better than the stuff you can catch from Tinder."

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