Guys Admit What They Are Thinking When A Woman Offers to Pay on the First Date

"I'm out with a confident woman," says one guy.

There’s very little meet and greets more awkward than a first date. There’s a ton of pressure to keep the conversation going and the overall mood light and fun. But one moment that usually makes both parties skin crawl is when the check comes to the table at the end of the night. The old school rule was that it’s polite for the guy, or the person who invited the other person on a date, to pick up the tab. But the new school thought is that there is no rule and perhaps both should just split it straight down the middle.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, in real time, if you should dig into your purse and pull out your wallet on a first date, read on to find out what four guys really think when you offer to pay on a first date.

1.  She's just not that into me

“I just feel like when a girl pulls out her wallet on a first date and demands to pay half, that she’s not feeling it. it’s a nice gesture to take someone out but I just have this feeling that if she tries to pay it means she doesn’t want to feel like she owes me anything and that she also never wants to see me again.” – Joe S., 31

2.  I am dealing with a girl boss

“I am so anti-game playing on dates. I’d much rather just go out with someone, see how things go, and do what feels right. If the person I’m wait offers to pay on the first date, I only take that as a sign that they wanted to and nothing else. I also feel like I’m out with a confident woman, and I really like that feeling.” – Marty D., 29

3.  What a relief

“The paying the check part of a date is the most awkward part. It’s awkward for me and I’m sure it’s awkward for the person I’m out with too. I never mind paying for a first (or second or third, or so on…) date, but if she offers, it’s a relief and I will accept. If someone offers, in my mind, it’s not worth putting up a fight. I just say yes, and then I’ll pick up the tab for drinks or dessert.” – Colin B., 27

4.  She doesn't really mean it

“Come on. No girl who offers to pay on a first date actually wants to really pay. They do it as a test, to see if the guy will accept and then if he does, he’s an asshole. It’s almost just like I’d rather them not even offer or go through the motion because I know it’s not genuine at all.” – Chris P., 33

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