These Awesomely Rich Halloween Skull Chocolates Are Making Us Glad to Be Alive

No way we're giving these away to trick-or-treaters, sorry!

Skulls don't usually make us hungry. Somehow, images of death and decay rarely conjure a craving for tasty treats—except when it comes to these ridiculously rich, insanely cool skull-shaped chocolates we just came across.

The ghoulish candy skulls are made from a decadent gianduja paste of hazelnut, chocolate, macadamia and a tinge of vanilla, and dusted with sparkly edible gold dust (because just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't look glam, right?). The handcrafted Golden Gianduja Skulls are created by FIKA, a Swedish company that makes all of its artisanal candies by hand. Available through indie foods curator Mouth, they're $18 for a package of five.

While you're at it, you might want to get your hands on some PB&J Eyeballs, created by New York’s Tumbador Chocolates under the direction of Jean-Francois Bonnet (formerly of celeb chef Daniel Boulud's New York City restaurant Daniel). The bloodshot eyeballs are made of dark and white chocolate and salty-sweet peanut praline, and when you chomp on them a sweet French raspberry paté de fruit "blood" oozes out. Mouth is stocking those too for Halloween, but order fast if these things are giving you the chills (in all the right ways). They tend to sell out, not to mention that the Halloween candy-binging excuse is about to run out. (As if we needed an excuse to eat candy, every day, all year.)


Photos courtesy of Mouth.


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