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Have a Huge Argument With a Family Member? Here's Some Advice

One famous family talks about how to get over it. 

Thicker Than Water stars Ben and Jewel Tankard live under one roof with their huge blended family, which often leads to bickering, or all out brawls between different members. Their family includes five children (Marcus, Brooklyn, Britney, Benji, and Cyrene), two daughters-in-law (Latisha and Shanira) and three grandchildren (Diamond and Micah, Billie ).

The couple say they always manage to work through the arguments, and offer up some advice to Personal Space about not holding a grudge.

“Everyone, all the kids and grandkids come over and usually on Sunday we have a big dinner,” Ben says, adding that sitting around the table and hashing out disagreements usually works.

But Jewel says it sometimes takes a bit more to get back to a good place. She tries to hold regular family meetings.

“We’re all going to say it, we’re not those people who keep quiet,” she says. “We say how we feel. We don’t hold back. We try to handle it in the family meetings. There, we start with prayer. We tell each other to look at each other from the other person’s perspective. You’re always right in your own eyes, you have to switch shoes and see it from the other person’s standpoint. That usually ends up in a hug and kiss and let’s go to a movie.”

Jewel says Brooklyn and Britney recently had a spat over something, and that it took some time for everything to get back to normal in the house.

“Brit wasn’t ready to let it go,” she says. “Because we love each other doesn’t always mean we’re ready to let it go. There are layers of conversation and Kumbaya and 

sometimes that takes time.”

The two say they differ with their kids over the grandkids, too, saying they let them run wild and like to spoil them as grandparents, which could spark some parenting talks.

“I am usually the one who is guilty of contributing to the delinquency of the grandchild,” laughs Ben. “I let them eat candy and throw popcorn and jump on the couch.”

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