Here Are Some Simple Do's and Don'ts When Looking For a Sperm Donor

Dr. Jackie from Married To Medicine is giving wise advice. 

Searching for the right sperm donor? Dr. Jackie Walters from Married to Medicine is here to help. 

She gave Personal Space some advice on what exactly to look for if you are making a baby using a donor. 

“Because we’re waiting a little later in life to have babies and may not necessarily have a spouse or a significant other, science has changed a lot in that you can actually go to a book and pick out your baby’s father,” Dr. Jackie says. 

She says you should know that you can choose very closely what you want for your baby by looking through a “sperm donor book” filled with men who have donated sperm and all their characteristics. 

“You can pick out the color of their eyes, their IQ, the hair… the book has everything,” she explains. “Just do it properly. Go through your fertility centers.”

And if you decided to go with a friend and not a stranger to be the biological father, lawyer up, as tough as that seems. 

“If you’re going to use a friend or donor that you know, get the lawyers involved,” Dr. Jackie says. “We’ve seen enough in the media where they’ve created, as my friend Tamar Braxton says, ‘frozen babies,’ where you fertilize an egg with a sperm and you freeze it and it’s waiting, but you’re no longer friends or you’re no longer married.

“Just have all your legal documents in place. Make sure you are sure who owns the frozen baby, who owns the fertilized baby. We save thousands and thousands of dollars spent trying to determine, ‘Do I thaw the eggs?’ ‘Are they mine?’ ‘Are they yours?’ and having the heart to donate them. You can definitely adopt an egg. If you can’t get pregnant on your own and you really want to connect and bond with a pregnancy, you can adopt a fertilized egg implant and have a baby. Get all your legal information straight.”

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