Here's How You Can Really Help a Friend Who's Been Through a Hellish Experience

There are certain things you should never do or say following a traumatic experience.

Going through a harrowing experience can take its toll on anyone, even the infallible Kim Kardashian. The reality star survived being bound and robbed at gunpoint in her Paris apartment, where five thieves allegedly took $10 million in jewelry and personal items. Sources say that Kim begged for life. So it’s no surprise that when she returned home to New York City-shaken but thankfully unharmed-her closest friends rallied around her.

Good pal La La Anthony visited Kim in her now heavily guarded NYC Tribeca penthouse. And Kim also received a visit from her best pal, fellow reality star and entrepreneur Jonathan Cheban. Reports say that Jonathan checked in on the star on Tuesday. Emerging from the apartment to a slew of reporters, he shared that the mother of two was “not so good.”

Someone who has been through something traumatic “is going to have a lot of different emotional responses,” says Dr. Dr. Ritu Trivedi-Purohit, a clinical psychologist. “The emotions are often circular, he or she can feel they are improving and then feel very anxious going out and about with life.” Dr. Trivedi-Purohit suggests the best thing you can do for a friend in need is “to be present and listen.”

Want more tips to comfort a friend in need? Registered RN, Nurse Anthea Noel shares these five rules:  

In an extreme case where bodily harm is threatened, as a friend it is important to do these things:

1.  Gauge whether or not yourfriend wants to talk.

Listening is very important during this time. 

2.  Research PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder knowledge will help you to get a better understanding of what your friend may be going through.

3.  Don't force the details

Do not force your friend to talk about the incident or the circumstances. You may stir up even more challenging emotions by prying that should only be dealt with by a professional. Encourage your friend to seek professional help if she needs it.

4.  Research support groups and therapists

Assist your friend with finding resources when they are ready to do so. If she is not receptive, do not force the matter.

5.  Chill out

Relaxation is important so taking your friend to a spa, for a massage or to listen to soothing music can be effective and helpful. 

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