Here's Why You Should Throw Out Your Resume and Do This Instead

The creative approach often works better than a stuffy cover letter. 

If the thought of another New Year creeping up is making you itch when you think about your current job situation, you may start to nod your head in agreement that now is the time to look for new opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve been so loyal to your workplace that you haven’t updated your resume since 2011, or you’re new to the job market and don’t have a resume that’s reaches longer than half of a page. Either way, you’re in luck. Resumes are going out of style and if you’re applying for the job of your dreams this year or next, you’ll need something else besides a piece of paper with indigestible keywords to land you an in-person interview.

Here are three things you should do instead.

1.  Build a personal brand

Jobs are looking to hire people who have an established sense of who they are and what they are looking for. Make your presence known by creating your own personal brand. You’ll want to put up a website, adjust your social media pages to align with your brand, even put out content, whether written or video, on topics that you’re interested in.

2.  Get creative

Instead of sending over your life story via a cover letter and a resume, take an approach that’ll keep the hiring manager’s attention span on you longer. Perhaps make a video resume, where you’re giving your elevator pitch on who you are and why you want this job, or put together a Snapchat story that you can send over to the job that showcases a day in your life and tells them more about you and your interests.

3.  Make it an experience

Nobody wants to read a resume that’s vague, boring, and blends in with every single other resume they have ever read in their lifetime. If you’re going to stick with the paper route, give it a twist. Incorporate graphic, photos, and even make it interactive by linking to articles or content on the Internet that speak well about you or that you created.

Don’t go all Elle Woods, in Legally Blonde, on your resume and print it on pink paper, but you can at least make it visually appealing and stand out from a pile of bland and blah.

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