Hikers Ran Into Mel Gibson at the Summit, Didn't Panic

"It was great fun."

As peaceful an activity as hiking can be, it also has its lurking threats: You could lose your footing and fall off a ledge. Or you could encounter wild animals or other scary beasts.

You might say the latter is what happened to some hikers in Ireland. They were hiking Sugar Loaf mountain and at last reached the top, with its glorious lush vistas all around. At the summit, they also got a surprise: They recognized the heavily bearded mountain man in their midst as Mel Gibson. Pausing to take a selfie — and hashtagging it "#SolidSunday" — the hikers obviously felt pretty psyched about their chance encounter. And not at all freaked out by an intense abundance of facial hair, nor a reputation for being seriously tempermental. (Google his DUI rant and phone messages to his ex if you dare). 

Matter of fact, a brand new Hollywood Reporter report suggests that even Hollywood is forgiving Mel after the 2006 incident — announcing his "persona non grata" period as over. And if he's kosher in all-powerful Hollywood again, surely tourist hikers across the globe can move on too.

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