Hillary Clinton Joins Tom Colicchio, Danny Meyer in Anti-Tipping Movement

The Democratic presidential candidate is stumping in support of restaurant workers nationwide.

Hillary Clinton loves restaurants and cafes as much as the rest of us. On the campaign trail, she's been spotted at a sweet potato restaurant in Detroit and a popular coffee shop in Atlanta. This week, she announced her commitment to restaurant workers, stumping in favor of better pay and an end to the tipped minimum wage, which pays restaurant employees as little as $2.30 an hour.

Speaking at New York City's Javits Convention Center on Super Tuesday this week, Clinton said, “It is time we end the so-called tipped minimum wage,” as quoted in AM New York. “We are the only industrialized country in the world that requires tipped workers to take their income in tips instead of wages,” she added.

She called the $2.30 hourly wage "shameful."

Clinton advocates raising the hourly minimum wage to $12, but she also supports New York Governor Mario Cuomo's call for increasing it to $15. Clinton's main Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, is also calling for an increase to $15.

Her support for ending the tipped minimum wage echoes the efforts of Top Chef judge and New York City chef-restaurateur Tom Colicchio—who helped catapult the movement to national prominence—and restaurateur Danny Meyer.

The trend has since picked up momentum, spreading to other upscale restaurants in New York, like the Michelin-starred Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, as well as nationwide.


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