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Three Dogs with the Kindest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen Are Rescued from Homelessness

Our hearts exploded when they smiled!

Sometimes Hope for Paws dog rescue videos are terrifying—like the time they saved a tiny rescue from near-death under a propane tank cage. Sometimes they’re incredibly inspiring—like when they rescued a homeless pit bull and her newborn puppies during a downpour. But this one—where Eldad Hagar and his co-rescuer Loreta Frankonyte rescue not one but three homeless dogs on their way to the hospital—is simply happy-making.

All three dogs (rescued independently from homelessness on their way to the hospital) have the sweetest, kindest, and most smiling eyes you’ve ever seen. Although they are all initially scared of their saviors, they come around extremely quickly, going from fear to heart-tugging love in mere seconds. It’s impossible to watch this video and not find yourself grinning ear to ear: for the sweetness of dogs, the kindness of spirit, and the generosity of Hope for Paws.

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