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How To Skip Work on a Nice Day and Keep Your Boss from Finding Out

Don't be a fool and start posting on Instagram, for a start.

Rochelle, 51, a stay at home mom from New York, remembers the day she played sick, skipped work and headed to opening day at Yankee Stadium only to discover the next morning that her eagle-eyed boss spotted her cheering mug on the local news. Whoops.

Needless to say Roch did not have a great time in the office the next day. 

With the weather finally turning sunny, it’s hard not to feel like a school kid staring longingly out the window while the teacher drones on about long division. Of course we’re all responsible adults which means we just can’t play hooky. Or can we?

Jordan Stark, an executive and career coach at Next Step Partners in San Francisco doesn’t advise anyone to call in “sick” while actually making plans to go to the beach or local pool.

“It’s just not a good idea,” says Stark. “Aside from the ethical issues, the risk of getting caught is real and could have long-term consequences for your career. Your boss needs to trust you and know that you’re doing the best you can to contribute. That’s how you become invaluable and lay a strong foundation.”

She says be honest and tell the truth. 

“If you’ve built a good relationship with your boss and have a great reputation, asking for a day off now and then for something important probably won’t be a big deal. Just earn it. That’s the best case.”

Having said that sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and sometimes she has a boss who is akin to Voldemort so in that case Stark has some tips for blowing off work for a day.

“Keep a low profile. Do not post pictures on social media,” she says. “Do not talk about your amazing day off with co-workers, before or after the event. Word gets around in surprising ways. Take care of your business and handle it quietly.”

Lynn Berger, a New York based career counselor and coach, also says discretion is the key. 

“Everyone occasionally needs a mental health /personal day..... unplug for yourself as well as protecting yourself from your boss seeing your activities and whereabouts.”

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